Easter Eggs

Today a friend of mine dropped off some plastic Easter eggs that I had asked to borrow for a MOMS club activity.  I needed about a dozen, but she brought a whole tub over so I could take what I needed and give the rest back.  Well, Connor fell in love with the tub of eggs and we basically played with them all day!  His imagination is so great, and he can think of endless things to do with them, from pretending to bake to stacking them on other things to make “trees” and all kinds of stuff. 

He has also been calling me “sweetheart” all day. Of course, when he says it, it sounds like “fweetheart.”  It is really cute! For example, when we were “baking” he said, “Now be careful sweetheart, the oven is very hot!”  It is so so funny.  He also told me that he wanted to go to the beach so we could make memories!  He saw it on an ad before Sesame Street, but it is really funny to hear him say that.

Ashlynn is really really close to crawling.  She scoots on her belly pretty quickly when she sees something that she wants.  She is really the sweetest baby, and I feel like she is growing too fast!  Connor kept calling her “my Ashlynn” today.  There is really no feeling that compares to seeing him being caring and protective of her.  I know that she has a really great protector in her brother.


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